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 Over the last few years, I’ve been making excuses for myself as to why I should not get up from the ground and refocus on my brand. During the 2019 year, my family and I endured the worst pain we have ever experienced together. I cannot move past the very first day our hearts were broken, the first day grief hit us. Not a day has gone by, where I have not relived  that day. Those feelings are what keep me not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to do anything honestly. Our hearts will always be shattered, but we as a whole know that her spirit is with us every day. I may not be ready to get up, but I feel her hand on my back guiding me, wanting me, helping me sit up. It shouldn’t have to take a life lost, to remind us that tomorrow is not promised. that life is too short to not pursue our dreams, our aspirations. It shouldn’t have taken lives lost, for me to realize that the last few years I allowed myself to stay knocked down was time wasted. Now and forever, every product, every word, will be dedicated, inspired, created in honor and for our Samantha. One day I hope to have the strength and perseverance she had to carry since she was a baby.  

I’ll be keeping one existing product and launching a brand new product. Bare with me as I continue to work on the site, but I hope you all enjoy the new website, my Diligent Texture Clay, My new product #NailCareReady Twist up Sanitizing Nail Pen that keeps those bomb Nailz,💅🏽 you pay a lot of money for, fresh and clean. As well as my future products, to be released.

Marcos Santos Diaz

Incognito Grooming Co